Project Management



Specialise in the delivery of rail projects, interface to the Rail Operators and Stakeholders from Network Safety, Engineering to Asset Maintainers. All phases of a project from concept, business case to delivery and closeout.

Project Controls


We can fit into your current risk management strategies and facilitate assessments or help find the right balance of detail to create a holelistic approach to project risk management.


Cost control basics to earned value and accurate forecast is the start of what you can expect. Let us get some sanity in how your next project can report and track costs and even use outputs from a project going forward.


With experience in Primavera scheduling, we can bring the experience of the leading edge schedlulling or soemthing more scaled and refined to suit.

Data Management

Often where most processes fall over is in the acurate and timing collection of information for tracking progress, surveying the site or asset data collection for the client. We love data, and if you just need data entry not a problem, but you’ll find we can set up the best method to collect and track you data so its not an after thought, and even become part of your tool set for project delivery.

Share Data Better

Move from spreadsheets to applications that can be shared across teams, and you may already have the infrastructure to support it or there are plenty of platforms we can introduce into your day to day work.

Large Data – Site Scanning

Advancements and availability of scanning means easy and quick 3d modelling at your fingertips. Even basic jobs can have centimeter accuracy available at your desktop or hosted remotely.

Lower Level Planning


We can document your current processes, or develop some for you from scratch, identify what method statements you need and produce risk assessments from that to full construction documentation suite. Then we can help deliver this for you as well.


Need help to find the most suitable contractors or getting managing a process to secure the contractors for your next deliverable? From writing scopes, prepare contracts, identifying key risks to cover to defining the best pricing structure and contract evaluation.